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Q: Does Picture Ace support command line?
A: Yes, use the following syntax: PictureAce.exe /url:"http://www.site.com" /tp:"Save Large Images"

Q: Does Picture Ace support resuming broken downloads?
A: No. It is not recommended to download large files if your connection is not stable enough.

Q: How do I download the whole web site (all files)?
A: On the Web Search tab select Search all web pages of the web site, on the File Type tab select All Files (Any File Type). Note that Picture Ace does not correct links on web pages, saved web pages are exact copies of the ones on the web site.

Q: How do I generate folder sequences and download large images from them?
A: Generate folder sequences on the Sequences tab (e.g. http://www.pictureace.com/001/, http://www.pictureace.com/002/, etc.) and save the sequences to a text file (one address per line). Then use the File -> Import Addresses from File command to create tasks.

Q: How do I search only subfolders of an address?
A: On the URLs tab specify the subfolders names in the Follow only links... field.

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