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To make the program's button appear on the Internet Explorer toolbar you may need to take additional steps. If the button is already on the toolbar there is no need to do anything.

1) Open the Web Browser Options dialog and check the Add the program button on the Internet Explorer toolbar option (if not checked yet). Click OK.

2) In case you are using Internet Explorer 6.x or higher you may need to enable Picture Ace add-ons first:

  1. Start -> Control Panel-> Internet Options;
  2. Switch to the Advanced tab;
  3. Make sure the "Enable third-party browser extensions" options is enabled;
  4. Switch to the Programs tab;
  5. Click "Manage Add-ons";
  6. Make sure the add-ons named "IADIEHelper class" and "Picture Ace" are enabled, click OK;
  7. Click OK to close the Interent Options window.


3) Open Internet Explorer;

4) Select View -> Toolbars -> Customize... (Customize Toolbar dialog opens);

Buttons configuration

5) Locate and select the Picture Ace icon in the Available toolbar buttons list;

Picture Ace IE button

6) Click the Add-> button

7) Click the Close button. The program button is now on the Internet Explorer toolbar.

Picture Ace IE button
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