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Welcome to the Picture Ace tutorials. These pages will help you easily to become proficient at using Picture Ace. You can complete every tutorial one by one or skip the ones you are not interested in. Use the menu on the left to navigate between tutorials.

The program's main window allows you to create new tasks, control the existing tasks (downloads) and configure the program.

Picture Ace main window

The Log window at the bottom of the main window displays warning and error messages for the selected task. If a task fails to download anything, you should first check the Log window for error messages.

The program adds its icon to the notification area (the system tray). Left-click the icon to display the main window, right-click it to display the menu of the icon.

Picture Ace tray icon

Picture Ace also adds its button to the Internet Explorer (IE) toolbar. If you don't see the button, complete the Setting up the program IE toolbar button tutorial to show it up.

Picture Ace IE button

To save an image you can use the Ctrl + Left-Click and Alt + Left-Click combinations and/or the program items in the IE context menu.

Picture Ace IE context menu items     Picture Ace IE context menu items

Picture Ace IE context menu items

The most simple way to download images (or any other file types) is to use the File -> New Task command from the main menu. You can also execute this command using the corresponding button on the program's toolbar, the tray icon menu, the IE button menu and the IE context menu.

Creating a new task   Creating a new task  

Creating a new task   Creating a new task   Creating a new task  

After you execute the command, the Task Properties window appears. Here you specify where to start searching for images (files) from, what kind of images to search for, the folder to save downloaded images to, etc. First you should enter the address (URL) of a web page or a web site to start the search from. When the task is started, Picture Ace will download the web page located at the address and analyze it to find the images (files) needed.

Task Properties

Numerous filters allow you to download images that match certain criteria, e.g. file type, file size, image size, etc.

Task Properties - Image Size Filter

After all properties are set, click OK to start the task. Once the task is completed Picture Ace shows a notification window.

Task Completed

Note that Picture Ace supports saving task between the program runs. You can pause a task and turn off you computer to continue downloading later.

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