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Picture Ace makes the process of saving images from the web really easy. Please note, that there are several types of images, e.g. photos, drawings. Whenever you save images, make sure you configure Picture Ace to pick the right image type. You can do this using the Image Options dialog, the IE button or the tray icon.

Choosing an image type using the Picture Ace IE button     Choosing an image type using the Picture Ace tray icon

The most convenient way to save images that are actually located on a web page is ctrl + click them. Let's save the picture below: place the mouse cursor over it, press and hold down the Ctrl key, left-click the picture, then release the Ctrl key.

Right after you left-click the picture, Picture Ace saves it to the current destination folder. To view the saved picture, select Open Sky from the menu of the IE button or the tray icon.

Opening destination folder     Opening destination folder

Another way to save images is to use the IE context menu. Right-click an image and you will see the standard IE context menu with the Picture Ace submenus at the top and at the bottom of the menu.

Click the Save Image item in the nearest submenu to save the image. Practice this method on the picture below.

You can control the appearance of the Picture Ace context menu items in the Web Browser Options dialog. Below there are some more pictures for you to practice saving images. Use the method you like most.

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