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At this step you will learn how to save large images without actually viewing them. Large images (full-size images) are usually located behind thumbnails and you have to click the thumbnail first to view the large image.

Let's save the full-size picture behind the thumbnail below. Place the mouse cursor over the thumbnail, press and hold down the Alt key, left-click the thumbnail, then release the Alt key.

Picture Ace downloads the full-size picture and saves it to the current destination folder. Note that it is not recommended to open the destination folder while Picture Ace is downloading images (i.e. when the tray icon flashes).

Sometimes there can be a movie behind a thumbnail. In this case you can still use the Alt + Click combination to save it.

As a matter of fact applying the Alt + Click combination to a link or a thumbnail (this is a link too) has the same effect as the Save Target As... command. Hence, you can use it to download any kind of a linked file.

Another way to save a large image is to use the IE context menu. Right-click a thumbnail and select Save Large Image from the Picture Ace submenu. Practice this method on the thumbnail below to the right.


Sometimes a thumbnail doesn't refere to a large image directly, instead it refers to a web page with a large image. Although the Save Large Image command can handle most of such cases, there are web sites where you can not save a large image by clicking its thumbnail image. In this case you can use the Save Image & Back command. The command saves the image and navigates the browser back. Click (don't hold down any keys, just click) the thumbnail picture below.

As you can see you have saved the picture and returned back with one click. But what about sites that open popup windows (new IE windows) when you click a thumbnail? This time we will use the Save Image & Close command. When you use the Save Image & Close command on a popup window, it saves the image and closes the window. Let's try it, click (don't hold down any keys, just click) the thumbnail below (opens a new browser window).

Here are some more pictures for you to practice. Use the method you liked most (alt-click an image or the Save Large Image item from the context menu).



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