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Image Options

Item Description
Image is a The list displays existing image types. Image types are used to control what kind of files the Save Images and Save Large Images commands download. Having multiple image types allows you to switch between them easily using the IE button or the tray icon. Note that there must be at least one image type defined.

Alias The name of an image type. An alias is displayed in the IE button menu and the tray icon menu.

File Extensions the file extensions of an image type. Picture Ace considers a file with the specified extensions to be an image. This option is used by the Save Images and Save Large Images commands. When executed, the commands save only files with the extensions specified.

Add Add a new image type.

Edit Edit an image type.

Delete Delete an image type.

Large image is an image which Defines what kind of images must be considered large (full-sized as opposed to thumbnails).

Has the minimum file size of The program considers an image to be large if its file size is not less that this value.

Has the minimum image size The program considers an image to be large if its dimensions are not less than the values specified. Note that this applies only to JPG, GIF, PNG and BMP image types.

File naming options Defines the way images are named when being saved to your hard drive. Please see the Naming Tab for more information about these items.

Naming options <</>> Shows/Hides the naming options.

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