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Miscellaneous Options

Item Description
Delete a task when it is completed A task is automatically deleted when it is completed (with at least one file downloaded).

Start saved tasks at program start Saved tasks are started automatically at program start. If this options is disabled, the tasks are loaded in the paused mode.

Delete paused tasks on program exit Every paused task is deleted when the program is closed. If this options is disabled, paused tasks are saved.

Allow the program to download files from other web sites Allows the program to download files located on a web site other than the one being searched.

Remember the Links Processing settings The settings of the Links Processing dialog are retained between program runs.

Start the program automatically Picture Ace is started automatically when Windows starts.

A left click on the tray icon opens destination folder A left click on the tray icon opens the current destination folder. If this option is disabled, a left click shows the main window of the program.

Automatically close notification windows A notification window is closed automatically in 5 seconds. Otherwise, you have to close the window yourself.

Always notify me when a task is completed Notifies you on every task completion. If this options is disabled, the program doesn't notify you when a task downloads one file.

Display "A new task has been started" balloon Enables/Disables the balloon which notifies you that the program has accepted a command and started a new task.

Default task properties The predefined task properties set that is loaded when you select the New Task command.

Image viewer The program to view images in the thumbnail mode.

The maximum number of simultaneously running tasks The number of tasks that can run simultaneously. Other tasks wait till one of the running tasks is completed.

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