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Item Description
Address URL of the task.

Pages Scanned Number of pages scanned (searched).

Files Downloaded Number of files downloaded.

Pages Queued Number of web pages that were found but not scanned (searched) yet.

Files Queued Number of files already found, but not downloaded yet. This value does not take into account the fact that some of these files can be discarded by a filter (e.g. file size, image size, etc.). So the real number of downloaded files almost always less than this value.

Status Status of the task. Can be one of the following values:
  • Undefined - the task is being created
  • Paused - the task is paused
  • Queued - the task waits its turn to start executing
  • Executing - the task is executing
  • Done - the task is done

Log This window shows important events and errors encountered during the task execution. Right-click the window to either clear the log messages or copy them to the clipboard.

File -> New Task Creates a new task.

File -> Import Addresses From File Loads addresses (URLs) from a text file and creates a task for each loaded URL. Each URL must be on a separate line in the text file. For instance:


After all URLs are loaded, you will be prompted to set properties for the tasks that will be created for each loaded URL. The properties are the same for each task.
File -> Open Destination Folder Opens the current destination folder.

File -> Exit Closes the program.

Task -> Start Starts (resumes) a paused task.

Task -> Pause Pauses a task.

Task -> Delete Deletes a task (does not delete any files).

Task -> Restart Deletes a task and instantly creates a new one with the same properties. You can change the properties if needed.

Task -> View in Browser Opens the URL of the selected task in the web browser.

Task -> Properties Displays the properties of the selected task.

Task -> Queue All Queues all paused tasks.

Options -> Images Opens the Image Options dialog.

Options -> Destination Folder Opens the Destination Folder dialog.

Options -> Predefined Task Properties Opens the Predefined Task Properties dialog.

Options -> Web Browser Opens the Web Browser Options dialog.

Options -> Miscellaneous Opens the Miscellaneous Options dialog.

View -> Log Window Shows/Hides the log window.

View -> Alway on Top Makes the Picture Ace main window appear on top of all windows on the desktop.

View -> Tray Icon Shows/Hides the tray icon.

View -> Task Bar Button Shows/Hides the task bar button.

Help -> User's Manual on the Web Opens this web page.

Help -> E-mail to Support Opens your e-mail client to send a message to the PictureAce support team.

Help -> Buy Now Opens the web page where you can buy Picture Ace online.

Help -> Enter/View Registration Key Opens the dialog to view or enter your registration key.

Help -> Picture Ace on the Web Opens www.PictureAce.com in your web browser.

Help -> About Picture Ace Displays the Picture Ace version information.

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