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Picture Ace 2.5.9 (10/11/2005)

  • Order links updated

Picture Ace 2.5.8 (01/19/2005)

  • New option: dynamic web resource type detection
  • A few minor bugs fixed

Picture Ace 2.5 (06/02/2004)

  • New name: Picture Ace
  • Multiple destination folders
  • Multiple image types
  • Support for HTTPS
  • Automaticlly closing the porgram when the last IE window is closed
  • New subfolders: numeral for eash task, current date, recreate from URL
  • Concatenating subfolder names
  • New file filters: file date, image size
  • New URL include/exclude filters
  • More numeral name options: prefix, start from, number of digits
  • A new naming option: current date + numeral name
  • Searching for image sequences (e.g. image01.jpg, image02.jpg, image03.jpg, etc.)
  • Local drive search
  • Links processing (for TGP sites)
  • Download the whole web site (all files)
  • Command line support
  • More IE integration options and features
  • Enhanced task completion notifications
  • Support for IE-based browsers (MSN, Avant Browser, MyIE2)
  • Entering a file name and/or folder before saving
  • User interface tooltips
  • Improved user interface
  • Correct work with password protected sites
  • Support for forms authentication
  • Correct proxy authentication handling
  • A few minor bugs fixed

SavePicNoAsk PRO 2.1 (9/27/2003)

  • New name: SavePicNoAsk PRO
  • Revised user interface
  • New picture collecting features
  • Improved Internet Explorer integration
  • Traffic limitation
  • New scanning engine
  • Predefined download properties

Incredible Automatic Downloader 1.3.1 (12/17/2002) - first release

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